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Unique Concept

With a sense of strong commitment and vision, Setu has a very unique and intergrated concept for the benefit of dental fraternity. It comprises a state of the art in-house dental laboratory and dental education and research centre also. This is the first of its kind dental house concept with integrated facilities in the Gujarat State.

Dental Laboratory

Dental Laboratory is a backbone of any dental clinic for delivering a prosthesis to the patients. We have two “In-house” Hi-class dental laboratory set ups with the latest laboratory equipments and skilled dental technicians.

Thus, we have a sound interaction between doctor, patient and technician to provide biologically and aesthetically beneficial restorations for the patients.

We have been providing quality dental laboratory professional services to the dental surgeons of the Gujarat State under the banner of M-dent Laboratories and Manish Dental Labs for more than three decades.

Dental Education Centre

The study of dental sciences is never complete in one’s lifetime. Everyday a new scenario of dental health treatment and techniques appears on the canvas of time. One has a constant need to update one’s knowledge of ever emerging new techniques in the delivery of sound dental healthcare system.

To keep up with these fast developments, we have proposed a dental education centre in the name of “M-dent Institute and Research Foundation”, which will be a nucleus of continuing dental education for the benefit of dental practitioners and intensive training programmes in the dental laboratory technology for the para-dental fraternities.