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About us

The study of Dental Science is never complete in one’s lifetime. Everyday, a new scenario of dental health treatment and technique appears on the canvas of time. This explosion of knowledge opens up new frontiers. A dental surgeon should therefore understand that there is a constant need to update his/her knowledge of ever emerging new techniques in delivery of sound dental healthcare system. As a result rigorous competition amongst dental surgeons ensues. In order to remain update and maintain rhythm of progress the dental fraternity should always be in touch with global picture. Thus a healthy competition results in more information and spread of knowledge, benefit of which ultimately passes on to the end users-patients.

To keep pace with these fast developments we have proposed a dental education centre under the banner of M-dent Institute and Research Foundation with the large interest of the Dental Profession. This Institute is a private organization and developed under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Manek Patel. It is intended to cater the professional need based continuing education programmes, hands – on courses, seminar and various dental laboratory training programmes.






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